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3 years ago today, i confessed to a very special girl. A girl who i did not notice that i was chatting with her for everyday ever since i've got to know her, not until i realized that we could talk about just anything with each other.

Actually i've wanted to confess on 14th feb 2010, but then i just simply could not wait any longer during that time, i have to make her mine. I still remember all the chats and conversations that we had on that day, still makes me smile so widely even on today.

The fact that we share a lot of interest in common is just simply unbelievable. From Comics, anime, games, musics to movies and etc. Up til today, i am still amaze that i manage to get her as my partner in life.

Someone, who in my eyes and heart, is perfect. Someone whose smile can melt my heart no matter how many times i see her pretty face. Someone who knows me very well and knows of my weaknesses yet still love me. Someone who makes me laugh, happy, and grateful that i am alive. Someone who doesn't mind me and my hobbies, heck she even shares them. Someone who teaches me and corrects me when i am wrong. Most importantly.. someone who loves me for me.

I can not believe that it has already been 3 years. And Alhamdulillah, i am really happy with her by my side. Times feels as if it is fast and yet slow at the same time. We have been through a lot, and am lucky that we have not got into a fight before, and i am hoping it to be that way. Again, i am lucky to find someone who understands me.

:iconmiyavihoney: Hani dear, meeting you and being with you is the best thing that happened to me. You're my source of inspiration and motivation to be better in life and to do more. You're the best!

Happy 3rd anniversary dear. Thank you for being part of my life.
and thank you for everything that you did. I pray and hope for the best, everyday for the both of us.

I love you, now and forever.

Iskandar Zend
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February 5, 2013


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